Cisco Call Centre Training Courses

Cisco Call Centre Training Courses

Please see the list shown below for an indication of the Cisco training courses that we have available. Use the + symbol on right side to expand the course information.

Introduction and Business Message.

Jabber or Handset Log In (if using Extension Mobility)

Finesse Adviser Log-In and Call Handling, including:-

  • Log-in to Finesse
  • Overview of Finesse Screen
  • Queue Statistics.
  • Changing your State.
  • Idle Reason Codes.
  • Answering and Ending a Call.
  • Making a Call including Contacts.
  • Ending Wrap Up State.
  • Holding and Retrieving a Call.
  • Initiating a Consult Transfer.
  • Initiate a Conference Call.
  • Initiating a Direct Transfer.
  • Signing Out of Finesse.


Supervisor Training (additional 30 minutes)

Finesse Supervisor including:-

  • Logging in to Finesse Supervisor Desktop.
  • Overview of Supervisor Screen.
  • Viewing Team Performance.
  • Viewing Queue Statistics.
  • Changing the State of an Adviser.
  • Monitoring an Adviser.
  • Barge In & Intercept.
  • Signing out of Finesse

  • Introduction and Business Message.
  • Navigating to the CUIC Portal and Logging On.
  • Accessing Help.
  • Overview of CUIC.
  • Security, including:-
    • User List.
    • User Groups.
    • User Permissions.
  • Reports Drawer, including:-
    • Running Historical Reports.
    • Scheduling Historical Reports.
    • Running Realtime Reports.
    • Saving Stock Reports.
    • Saving reports in Different Formats.
    • Removing Columns.
    • Altering Report Columns/Titles etc.
    • Adding Reporting Thresholds.
    • Preparing a Report for addition to a Dashboard.
    • Allowing other users to Execute and Write.
  • Dashboards, including:-
    • Creating a Dashboard.
    • Adding a Widget.
    • Adding a Sticky Note.
    • Adding a URL
    • Adding a Report.
    • Allowing other users to access the Dashboard via an HTML link.

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