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Cisco Call Centre Training Courses training courses - Simply Telecom Training

Cisco Call Centre Training Courses

Cisco Call Centre Training Courses

Please see the list shown below for an indication of the Cisco training courses that we have available. Use the + symbol on right side to expand the course information.

Introduction and Business Message.

Jabber or Handset Log In (if using Extension Mobility)

Finesse Adviser Log-In and Call Handling, including:-

  • Log-in to Finesse
  • Overview of Finesse Screen
  • Queue Statistics.
  • Changing your State.
  • Idle Reason Codes.
  • Answering and Ending a Call.
  • Making a Call including Contacts.
  • Ending Wrap Up State.
  • Holding and Retrieving a Call.
  • Initiating a Consult Transfer.
  • Initiate a Conference Call.
  • Initiating a Direct Transfer.
  • Signing Out of Finesse.


Supervisor Training (additional 30 minutes)

Finesse Supervisor including:-

  • Logging in to Finesse Supervisor Desktop.
  • Overview of Supervisor Screen.
  • Viewing Team Performance.
  • Viewing Queue Statistics.
  • Changing the State of an Adviser.
  • Monitoring an Adviser.
  • Barge In & Intercept.
  • Signing out of Finesse

  • Introduction and Business Message.
  • Navigating to the CUIC Portal and Logging On.
  • Accessing Help.
  • Overview of CUIC.
  • Security, including:-
    • User List.
    • User Groups.
    • User Permissions.
  • Reports Drawer, including:-
    • Running Historical Reports.
    • Scheduling Historical Reports.
    • Running Realtime Reports.
    • Saving Stock Reports.
    • Saving reports in Different Formats.
    • Removing Columns.
    • Altering Report Columns/Titles etc.
    • Adding Reporting Thresholds.
    • Preparing a Report for addition to a Dashboard.
    • Allowing other users to Execute and Write.
  • Dashboards, including:-
    • Creating a Dashboard.
    • Adding a Widget.
    • Adding a Sticky Note.
    • Adding a URL
    • Adding a Report.
    • Allowing other users to access the Dashboard via an HTML link.

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