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Cisco Training Courses training courses - Simply Telecom Training

Cisco Training Courses

Cisco Training Courses

Please see the list shown below for an indication of the Cisco training courses that we have available. Use the + symbol on right side to expand the course information.

Handset Features

  • Overview of the Handset.
  • Using the Handsfree Facilities, including volume controls and mute.
  • Headset Operation (if used)
  • Logging in/Out – Extension Mobility (if used)
  • Receiving Calls.
  • Making Calls.
  • Using the Corporate Directory.
  • Last Number Redial/Call Log.
  • Holding and Recovering Calls.
  • Transferring and Recovering Calls.
  • Switching between Multiple Calls.
  • Call Pick-Up.
  • Call Forward.
  • Call Conference.
  • Pairing a Mobile Device.


Voicemail Features

  • Accessing Voicemail and the Tutorial
  • Recovering Messages.
  • Rewind/Fastforward/Pause & Resume.
  • Deleting and Saving Messages
  • Forwarding Messages.
  • Altering Greetings.
  • External Voicemail Access.

  • Logging on to Jabber
  • Customising your Settings
  • Presence/Customisable Status
  • Creating/Editing Contact Groups
  • Chat/Group Chat
  • Making and Receiving calls
  • Transfer, Hold and Conference Calls
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forward
  • Calls Window
  • Accessing Voicemail and the Tutorial
  • Personalising Voicemail
  • Retrieve, Save and Delete Voicemail
  • Collaborating with Contacts
  • Collaborating with a Group
  • Start WebEx Meeting
  • Add New Contacts.

  • Introduction and brief course outline.
  • Explanation of the hardware/screen/Keyboard
  • Overview of the Call Control Panes:-
    • Call Queue
    • Active Calls
    • Directory
    • Calls in Progress
    • Call Park
    • Speed Dial
  • Break Mode and Queue Unavailable.
  • Emergency Mode.
  • Call Handling, including:-
    • How to make and end a call.
    • How to answer a call.
    • Call transfer both supervised and unsupervised.
    • Toggling Calls.
    • Camping on Calls.
    • Recall on busy/no answer.
    • Transferring using the Directory including Directory search options.
    • Transfer to Voicemail.
    • Call Hold and recover.
    • Serial Calls.
    • Conference Calls.
    • Customisation Options.

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