Mitel MiVR (MiVoice Recording)

Mitel MiVR (MiVoice Recording) Training Courses

We are fully accredited by Mitel to provide end customer training on their behalf. Please see the list shown below for an indication of the Mitel courses that we have available. Use the + symbol on right side to expand the course information.

There are two modules available for this training dependent upon the software purchased. If the standard software has been purchased then only Module 1 will be covered.  However, if the additional Quality Management software has been purchased, Module 2 will also be covered.

Module 1

The Historical Calls tab including:-

  • Logging into the Software.
  • Searching for Calls.
  • Advanced Search Functions.
  • Listen to and Work with the Recorded Audio.
  • Add annotations to calls.
  • Sharing Recordings and Calls.
  • Exporting calls.
  • Utilising Custom Folders to suit the Individual User needs.
  • Run and integrate the desktop client into the management studio.
  • Setup and administer the custom buttons to tag and flag calls.

Module 2

  • Use the live calls interface to interact with Live calls in real time.
  • Incorporate this with the desktop client so the Live Call Coaching can be utilised.
  • Explore the functions of the Reporting suite and overview of Reporting.
  • Overview of the Call Evaluation suite
  • Introduction and establishing requirements.
  • System overview and broad outline of capabilities.
  • How to launch the software.
  • Overview of Administration Navigation.
  • Verify Recording Port Activity.
  • Programming the Email tab.
  • Programming Alarms.
  • Configure Backup & Archive Settings.
  • Check Hard Drive Levels.
  • Set Recording Rules.
  • Set Extension Recording Control.


  • Create Lists and Call Filters.
  • Create User Profiles and Assign Extensions.
  • Create User Groups.
  • Set General Application Permissions.
  • Tracer Calls Permissions.
  • Reporter Permissions.
  • Agent and Employee Evaluation Permissions.
  • Tracer Live Calls Permissions.
  • Tracer Administration Permissions.
  • Set User Group Permissions.
  • Housekeeping Functions.
  • Backup and Archive Settings.
  • Stage and Purge Settings.
  • Access Tracer as a New User.

This course is designed to show engineers how to resolve incoming faults and issues relating to the installation and operation of the MiVoice Call Recording Software.  The subjects covered will include:-

  • Common installation problems covering both trunk and extension side setup.
  • Fault finding on no record states and understanding why these happen.
  • An in depth look at the Call Recording Admin screen and learning how to set the software up to minimize issues and optimise functionality.
  • How to use the system logs and alarm settings to resolve problems.
  • Archiving and the pitfalls involved.
  • General stop/start problems for PCI Compliance.
  • How to escalate if necessary and what information would be required in order to do this.

The course will also cover common user problems including the most frequently asked questions when using the software on a daily basis.

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