Mitel MiCloud Connect Training

MiCloud Connect Training Courses

We are fully accredited by Mitel to provide end customer training on their behalf. Please see the list shown below for an indication of the Mitel courses that we have available. Use the + symbol on right side to expand the course information.

  • Perform common call management tasks with your Connect IP Phone
  • Manage voicemail from a Connect IP Phone
  • Manage availability states from a Connect IP Phone
  • Identify Unified Communication Functionality that can be managed in the Connect Client.
  • Perform basic call management with the Connect Client.
  • Browse the directory, manage favourites and groups from the Connect Client.
  • Manage availability from the Connect Client.
  • Configure inbound call routing from the Connect Client.
  • Manage conversation history from the Connect Client.
  • Log into the ShoreTel Portal
  • Navigate the ShoreTel Portal
  • Identify Unified Communication functionality that can be edited in Portal

For Agents:

  • Overview of the handset and queues.
  • Logging into the Agent Interaction Centre.
  • Logging into and out of Queues
  • Call handling
  • Start/Stop taking requests
  • Queue monitor
  • Wrap up.
  • Account codes (if used)
  • Request help
  • Conference.
  • Interpret Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Logging out.

Additional Topics covered for Supervisors:

  • Agents Tab
  • Agent Interaction
  • Coaching
  • Barge in
  • Logging into the MiCloud Connect Portal
  • Account Details.
  • Usage Reports
  • User Groups
  • User settings
  • Adding a user
  • Phone settings
  • Accessing Visual Call Flow Editor
  • Hunt groups
  • Pick up groups
  • Extension Lists
  • Page Groups
  • Schedules
  • Auto Attendant

Agent Manager – including:

  • Agent Manager Overview.
  • Monitoring and Reporting Real-Time.
  • Using Login Manager to change agent group assignments. o Creating and Saving Real-Time reports.
  • Customising Real-Time reports.
  • Saving, modifying & deleting Real-Time reports.
  • Saving to workspace
  • Using the help.

Historical Reporting:

  • Running reports.
  • Select and customise a report
  • Scheduling reports to run automatically. o Emailing/distributing reports.

Using the options in Connect Contact Centre Director to:

  • Configure system parameters and call routing
  • Configuring queueing, overflow and interflow
  • Edit agents and supervisor permissions
  • Setting up thresholds and parameters

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